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KnowledgeCaza professionalized in providing HR Service like, Staffing solution and Corporate Training for IT and Non IT clients. We help organization flourish according to today’s world, our sight and our experience from the Industry has been studied that the biggest and consistent challenges to any organization is staffing the Employee’s and Training the Employee’s accordingly. It becomes plight to any system If they couldn’t able to hire employees within a right time to their organization bynemploying the resources available in the marketplace and it tends to delay in a task or finishing the task with less standard’s. 

Courses offered

     KnowledgeCaza offers Microsoft Project 2010/2013 training course through blended model that includes both Microsoft project online training and Microsoft Project 2010/2013
            Agile Software development generally promotes a disciplined Project Management process based on iterative, agile approaches typically used in software development
We know how fast the technology are improving once we acquire any technology, it’s not an end of that technologies every now and then new upgrades added to it which we don’t ow

Upcoming Courses

Cloud computing
Big Data
Six Sigma